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Is it worth getting my carpet cleaned? Shall i just replace it?

Is it worth getting my carpet cleaned? Shall i just replace it?

Here at Excellence we thoroughly recommend a professional carpet clean before you even consider the expense and upheaval of replacing your carpets.
We use industry training and equipment to ensure that your carpets aren’t just clean to the eye, but deep down to the bacteria and particles that you can’t see.

A professionally cleaned carpet will not only last much longer but it can completely transform and reinvigorate the room.

During these precedented times, we’re also aware of how important it is to keep ourselves safe. Our carpets can harbour a whole host of germs that may be detrimental to our health, and our carpet cleaning services ensures your health is our priority.

Our team is trained to the highest of standards and we are members of both the National Carpet Cleaners Association as well as TrustMark.

Is it worth having my sofa cleaned?

Our upholstery harbours more dirt and bacteria than you think, which vacuuming alone doesn’t remove. There are germ particles that can’t be seen by the human eye that are festering in our sofas which could lead to or add to certain health problems, such as asthma or dust allergies.
Our cleaning provides you with peace of mind, and refreshed and renewed furniture giving the room a whole new lease of life.

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