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Carpets and upholstery easily absorb lots of dirt from animal fur, food particles, dust and many other bacterias which can harm your health. Although we try our best to clean them, regular cleaning is not enough for removing all the dirt that is hidden deep within the gaps. Even worst, these dirty create fungus and bacterias, which can cause many health problems such as bad smell and even allergy-related problems.

Every homeowner benefits from carpet and upholstery cleaning. Think for a moment where you could go to get away from the need. If you work in an office, you know how quickly germs are picked up and travel freely, infecting one innocent person after another.

And when we all go home at night, what is to stop the spread of sickness and germs then? After all, you and your loved ones have been going in several different directions all day long. Keeping all the contaminants out of your lives is hard. These days, it is simply too risky not to take carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning seriously. Think about the office furniture you encounter on a day-to-day basis: your chair, your desk, the coffee machine. What about at home? Where do you watch television and lay your head at night?

Sofa cleaning and mattress cleaning can help you greatly in the fight to stay well. After all, we spend a fair share of our lives relaxing after a hard day and sleeping it off till morning. Here are four distinct advantages of carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning.

1. Energizes the room – irrespective how good a room looks, dirt spots on the carpet and parts of the upholstery detracts from every positive. Carpet cleaning reinvigorates your carpet and your home. As a result, you can shave years off the life of any room in which a clean carpet rests.2. Improves your health -Sofa cleaning is essential to your home considering the proximity you maintain with your interior decor. As such, a dirty carpet can harbour bacteria that affect your overall wellness. If you engage in good, quality upholstery cleaning, then you no longer have to worry about what it is you are sitting or laying on.
3. Prevents Replacement -A dirty carpet wears out relatively fast than a clean one. In this regard, saving on carpet cleaning services will ultimately force you to replace your carpet early enough.
4. Reduces the risk of harbouring dangerous pests -You don’t have to be an unkempt person to get bed bugs, but they sure do like the filth. The Sad thing is that most people are mistaken when it comes to how clean their mattresses are. Mattress cleaning is directed towards the deepest fibres. This serves to reach out and eliminate any organisms that might be embedded in your carpet.
Carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning allows you to give your employees, co-workers and loved ones, the gift of a healthy environment.

Excellence Floorcare can provide a complete service to meet your Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning at home or your place of work, from a small studio flat to a large Hotel.
Excellence is trained to the highest of standards and is members of both the National Carpet Cleaners Association as well as TrustMark.

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“The Carpet was brilliant! Thank You. I was so impressed that the stains came out.”
Public Service
“‘Great work! I have been totally dependable and flexible when needed earlier than planned – personable staff and capable of achieving great results at reasonable prices. We’ll be seeing you soon, thanks.’”
Local Church
Hi Mark,
Just wanted to thank you for your service at such short notice.
You were efficient and thorough.
Excellent service and reasonable price.
Would be highly recommend.
Sandy, Domestic Customer
Five stars, thank you Mark, we are very satisfied with the results.
“Great communication Very professional Pragmatic approach to the job bringing extra people to shorten the time as the timescale was tight Fair price and a great quality cleaning – nothing was withheld from my deposit”
End of Tenacity cleaning and carpet cleaning
“Mark was pleasant and efficient and did everything we expected to a good standard.”
Carpet and 3 piece suite cleaned
“Mark did a fantastic job – I recommend him highly. The carpets came up wonderfully clean, fresh and quick to dry. I had a narrow window in which the work could be done, after the furniture had been moved out and before handing back my keys, and Mark pulled out all the stops to ensure the work was done at the time required.”
Carpet and window cleaning for an end of tenancy
“Very happy with the work carried out and with Mark’s approach. Would go back for cleaning work again.”
Carpets cleaned in some rooms and stairs
I have recently engaged the services of Mark to clean all my carpets. Mark was prompt, thorough, professional and even got a couple of terrible stains out that I had been unable to remove. I will be using Mark again and recommend him to everyone I meet. Thanks Mark
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