Cleaning vs Sanitising vs Disinfecting

What can we use to kill the current strain of Corona Virus ( Covid-19) ?

There has so far not been any scientific evidence for any product that is proven to kill the current strain of this virus however , the Corona Virus is an enveloped virus and there are some disinfectants that are know to break this envelope and have killed other Corona or similar viruses.


Cleaning vs Sanitising vs Disinfecting

Cleaning is about removing germs, dirt and other impurities that soil surfaces . Cleaning does not kill germs but by removing them it lowers the numbers and the risk of spreading infection
Sanitise is more relevant for food contact surfaces e.g kitchen sides or desks if your employees eat at their desks , to stop food from being contaminated. Sanitisers do not make antiviral claims as they are to reduce , not kill.
Disinfecting refers to using chemicals that kill germs on surfaces . The process of undertaking this task does not necessarily remove germs but by killing germs on surfaces after cleaning it can further lower the risk of spreading infection.

This information is being provided using Government advice and we hope it will be helpful to you . If we can be of assistance by providing a Infection Control Services of your premises or a ‘Post Deep Clean’ in the event of a confirmed case of Covid-19 please contact us for more information as we currenltly taking enquiries at this time.

Excellence floor care will review your cleaning schedule in the following way;

• Maintain BICS Standards within your organization . If Excellence clean your premises currently all staff have been advised to ensure the correct colour coding and maintain high standards.
• Consider the frequency of cleans, particularly of sanitary ware and heavy touched points. Excellence can provide Deep Cleans , Disinfection cleans or simply adjust schedules to ensure there is more time to go over commonly touched surfaces and disinfect them.
• The process of cleaning is to use chemicals that kill bacteria and other organisms that cause disease ; thorough cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces is essential
• Your current cleaning hours allow enough time for the cleaning but not necessarily enough additional time to disinfect all surfaces.• If Excellence are your current cleaning contractor Staff have been advised to do the best to disinfect commonly touched surfaces but in some cases extra time may be necessary. Should that be the case or you wish to review the time please seek advice from us.

If Excellence are not your current cleaning company we can provide free advice and arrange for a Quote to be provided

By Providing a One-off Deep Clean and Disinfection Service

After a confirmed Case of Covid-19 (Corona Virus) BICS (British Industry for Cleaning Sciences) recommend a Deep Clean should include the following elements . Firstly the Operative needs to disinfect to protect themselves , then clean all surfaces and then re-disinfect therefore this is a 3 phased approach.

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We Pride Ourselves on Honesty & High Standards.

We Pride Ourselves on Honesty & High Standards.

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