Are you concerned about your staff being at risk of Infection?

Infection Control Services


By Providing a One-off Deep Clean, Sanitising and Disinfection Service to NHS Protocols i.e Hospital Grade Disinfection.

Our Services are aimed at both Offices and Retail premises which are currently not being used due to the lockdown and where there is an ideal opportunity to prepare them for the safe return of workers. Whilst it is believed that infected Surfaces can see a vast reduction of the virus after 72 hours there are no conclusive studies know at the time of putting this information together that have conclusively confirmed that the infection particles will completely die for up to 28 days and possibly longer.

We are also offering this to a wide range of clients who are classified as ‘Keyworkers’ and currently working and using premises and vehicles to carry out their essential services to keep us all going. It is aimed at proprietors and Managers who may be worried about the continuous risk of infection to their premises as well as vehicles; in particular, vehicles which may need regular sanitising such as Food lorries which are working 24/7 in some cases using numerous drivers.

At this present time, we are referring of course to Covid-19 ( known as SARS-COV2 when it has left the human body and transferred on to Surfaces) but also in general talking of other CORONA VIRUSES etc.

How are we delivering our Infection Control Service?

Our Approach in offering an Infection Control Service is the same unless we are 100% adamant that there has been no infection . In order to protect our staff , you our client and your staff, colleagues and possibly clients/visitors we would tackle the job using the following 3 phased approach.

1. Disinfecting areas which are regular ‘touch points’ such as lights, door handles, fridge and microwave door handles before proceeding to protect light sockets, powerpoints, computer keyboards, PC’s and phones by disinfecting and covering these areas with a protective sleeve/film.

2. Proceeding to give the premises a General Deep Clean and sanitise kitchens with a food-friendly product. All cloths and paper products used discarded into yellow ‘hazardous waste’ bags and safely discarded afterwards using the appropriate Government directives.

3. Our final phase is then to totally disinfect all remaining areas using a ULV ( Ultra Low Volume) fogger which lightly sprays disinfectant particles at high pressure achieving a ‘log kill’ of 6 i.e 99.9999%) – bleach by comparison achieves a log kill of 3.

Our final part of the service would ensure that we return back to the premises within an hour or less to then remove all plastic protective films, open all windows for ventilation and preparing premises for handover back to the client.

We have a vast experience in deep cleaning in homes, during the COVID-19 outbreak we have specialist processes we follow to safeguard yourselves and our teams.

Who are we offering our Services to?

Deep Clean Commercial Services Supporting the Following Businesses;

Children’s Play Parks
Food Shops -General
Health Shops
Pharmacies including non-dispensing chemists
Petrol stations
Bicycle shops
Home and hardware stores
Launderettes and dry cleaners
Car, van and light commercial rentals
Pet shops
Corner shops
Post offices
Coach Operators
Haulage Operators
Food and Parcel Delivery companies
Care Homes
Medical Centres
Dental Practices
Vet Surgeries

Post-Infection Control

Once the Service has been delivered Excellence will be there to continue being a source of support and advice in matters of hygiene , Cleaning and disinfection matters.
How Our Team Can Help…By Providing a One-off Deep Clean and Disinfection Service
Our specialist services are now available; just call us for our availability and advice today. Whatever your requirements we can advise and potentially help.

Domestic and Commercial Infection Control services
available from excellence Cleaning in York and within a 50 mile radius covering most of the Yorkshire Area
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Fantastic deep clean and everything about the disinfection fogging explained very clearly.
Debbie Walker - Deep Clean, Fogging

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We Pride Ourselves on Honesty & High Standards.

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