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Communal Area Cleaning

Communal Areas within both private homes ( houses and apartment complexes) can be a challenge to clean and maintain. Presentation is everything as they are the showpiece to all visitors or homeowners as they enter and move within the property and therefore the first impression. These areas which can have a lot of traffic get dirty quite often and require a regular programme of cleaning activities to keep them clean and hygienic to home users as well as visitors.
Especially in Apartment blocks or in Shared offices the Communal Areas can be vitally important as whereas some residents take pride in their appearance others don’t have time to clean or don’t see it as their responsibility.
Excellence Cleaning has many years’ experience in delivering a scheduled cleaning service to Property Management Companies, Landlords, Resident Associations and other agents who manage these areas and can provide the following services.
• Lift Areas
• Main Entrance Hallways
• All Refuse Areas
• Tough to Clean Stairwells
• Kitchen Cleaning
• Washroom Cleaning and Descaling
• Customer Service Areas
• Reception and Dining Halls
• Essential Security Areas

Additionally, all services include toilet sanitising and cleaning, hardwood floor polishing, polish and dust of skirting boards, window frames and main windows, carpet vacuuming, door and frame treatments, and mopping of floors.
Excellence can provide a Bespoke service for Communal Areas by working with trusted Service partners taking away all the headaches, multiple invoices and admin time associated when dealing with multiple suppliers.

Other Services which can be included are –

• Gardening/Landscaping
• Exterior Window Cleaning
• Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

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