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We employ a Cleaner direct, why should I change and outsource to a Contract cleaning company?

• We recognise that you are busy running your own business and you haven’t always got the time to check on your cleaning staff, train them if appropriate, motivate them, encourage and develop them. As a result, it’s possible that you’re accepting a certain standard of work which can be improved. We train our staff to a standard which is set by the British Industry of Cleaning Sciences (BICS) and do all of the above as part of how we work with our staff on a daily basis.
• If your staff are off on sick leave or holiday your cleaning requirements are not met. We ensure and guarantee cover in these situations. Quite often we have more than one staff trained to carry out the service in your premises to ensure that not only cover is available but that the person covering is familiar with your premises and the cleaning schedule.
• If your Cleaner/cleaning staff leaves you may be lucky and manage to employ a replacement at little cost and within a relatively short time. Our recruitment process is ongoing and whatever the cost we have to find a replacement in order to ensure service continuity, sometimes this recruitment process can be quite costly especially if we end up having to place an advert in the local paper or magazines.
• You may want to consider the cost of providing the cleaning chemicals etc in the equation of employing a cleaner direct bearing in mind that there are times when machinery is used to achieve certain results which we have and use as part of our inventory but may be far too costly and not economically viable for you to purchase directly.
• When we talk about providing a cleaning service, we talk of completely removing this process from you and managing your cleaning ensuring there is always continuous service through ‘cover’ and those high standards are achieved. #
• Excellence makes a point of visiting staff and/or premises to check standards every 4 weeks approx. in order to ensure that the service is being delivered to a consistently high standard.
• Furthermore, Excellence will also contact you, the client every 4 to 6 weeks to ensure that all is well; this form of contact may be by email, phone call, or personal visit depending on your requirements.
• All staff are uniformed, and we are in the process of introducing ID cards for all staff.
• All staff are employed once 2 references are checked and Excellence are introducing regular DBS checks as standard.
• Holiday and Sickness cover provided to ensure continuous service
• Excellence are members of various trade bodies assuring its clients of a continued approach towards Quality and Training.

‘It’s’ too expensive to use a Contract Cleaning Company ‘what I am getting for my money?

• You may be surprised … and it doesn’t cost as much as you thought but what are you comparing that cost to? When you add holiday pay, equipment, etc you may find it’s worth paying a little extra for that peace of mind of having all your Cleaning managed professionally by a Cleaning company. It doesn’t cost you anything to get a quote!
• There is also an undefined cost in managing someone, training them, and recruiting which can become a high cost if you are having to replace your Cleaner on a regular basis.
• Excellence will recruit, train, supervise its staff on an ongoing basis and will not hesitate to replace a member of staff should you or both of us feel that the employee isn’t working out for whatever reason.

‘I’m using a Contract Cleaning Company already but I’m not very happy with the company and/or the standards of Service and/or the Cleaning Operative’ but it’s too much hassle to change, isn’t it?

• Quite often as humans we become complacent. It could be that you are perfectly happy with the service that you are receiving but are you paying a higher price? It won’t cost you anything to receive a free quote from us.
• However, you may be unhappy with the company you’re dealing with, the quality, the lack of communication, or even the cleaning operative? Whatever the reason let us tell you why we believe we can make a difference. After that, if you decide to use us you need to do nothing other than to write to your existing service provider and terminate the service. We will take it from there and do the rest!

We will –

1. Contact the existing Service provider and ascertain if the existing cleaning operative wishes to transfer over to us.
2. If he/she does and you are happy with the cleaning operative we will work with them, assess them and evaluate their standards over the first 2/3 days of service.
3. If we are happy with them, we will retain them, if we aren’t or you do not want that cleaning operative to transfer over, we will employ or use an existing member of staff to take over the service.
4. Once we have made that evaluation, we will draw up a schedule of cleaning services, agree that with you and our member of staff is briefed
5. Once that has happened, we will check on our staff on a regular basis to ensure that ongoing training and assessments of their work are made.

Are Excellence Insured?

• Excellence holds valid Insurance Policies up to £5 and £10 m respectively for Public Liability and Employers Liability.

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